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Common male pattern baldness forms more than 95% of hair loss cases in men, with around 25% of them experiencing it before they even reach the age of 21, says an article by the American Hair Loss Association. Other factors leading to hair loss are illness, stress, climatic and water conditions, and physiological factors, such as ageing and malnutrition.

If you too are suffering from hair loss, don’t lose sleep over it anymore. There are a number of procedures that can help you regain your lost confidence and your lost hair. However, if your hair follicles are dead, the only treatment that can help you restore hair is through hair transplant, says Dr Ashutosh Misra, a leading cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Delhi.

As much as it is important to choose the right place for treatment, you should also prepare yourself before the procedure for best results. In case you have already booked your appointment, then you are certainly on the right track.

Here are some things you can do in the weeks leading up to your appointment.

Two Weeks Before

Since you will need to take some time off after the procedure, inform your family, friends and employer about your unavailability for two to four days after the treatment.

Pay close attention to your health and stop using any nicotine products. Instead, increase your intake of Vitamin C. If you have opted for a Follicular Unit procedure, stop consumption of alcohol as well from this point onwards.

Usually, to find the cause of your hair loss problem, your doctor will test your blood for autoimmune disorders, or take a scalp biopsy, says an article by Scientific American. They will then prescribe your diet accordingly.

Also, talk to your hair transplant surgeon about any medications that you have been taking and whether they might interfere with the procedure. Also, discuss any pain medications that you can take after the procedure.

One Week Before

Avoid taking any medication that can lead to blood thinning, Vitamin B, E, and herbal supplements. But before you stop using them, discuss it with your doctor.

The Day Before the Hair Transplant

The big day is almost here! There are only a few things you need to take care of now. Listen to the instructions given by your doctor about what to eat and drink on the night before the procedure. In addition, avoid caffeine on the day before your appointment. Also, make sure you get adequate sleep so that you are ready for your hair transplant.

On the Day of the Transplant

Wash your hair properly before you leave for the appointment. Your doctor may ask you to use a specific shampoo before the procedure. If no such thing is specified, just use a mild shampoo to clean your hair of any dust, oil or dandruff.

Practise meditation or any other exercise that helps you calm down any nerves before the appointment. Before you leave home, ask someone to pick you up after the procedure is over. This is because you might be given local anaesthesia or sedation during the transplant.

Remember to wear a buttoned-up shirt, instead of any other type of shirt that will require you to pull it over your head. Reach the clinic well before time, so you can talk to your doctor and discuss any last minute queries that you might have. This way you won't feel like you’re being rushed into the hair transplant procedure and can clear any inhibitions or doubts.

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