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Male Breast Reduction – 10 Step Guide to Gynecomastia Treatment

Breast Reduction - Dr. Ashutosh Misra

Abnormally large breasts in men are a medical term called gynecomastia, and it is derived from the two Greek words gyne that means "woman" & mastos that means "breast." The remedy is male breast reduction surgery, which removes fat & tissue from the glands within the breasts, & in drastic cases removes the excess skin and creates a flatter, firmer, & better-contoured chest.

Gynecomastia, despite how common it is can be a very awkward condition for the men who choose to hide their condition under the baggy tops & shirts. For some men years of embarrassment & psychological damage have led them to opt for the man boobs surgical option. Male Breast reduction is now the most common form of cosmetic surgery for men. Gynecomastia is treatable & your dream of flat-chest is right here with Dr. Ashutosh Misra – The best Male Breast Reduction Surgeon in Delhi.


Before you opt for the surgery, Dr. Ashutosh Misra will generally assess your condition & make sure that there is no underlying medical concern that may need to be treated first. Once the doctor is satisfied that there is nothing for him to be concerned about, then he will refer you to perform the operation for your chest fat removal.


Dr. Misra – male breast reduction specialist will observe you determine which type of tissue that your breasts are made up of. For most of the men, there are two types of tissues present, i.e. glandular tissue & adipose (fatty) tissue. Then, the doctor will perform different techniques which are depending on the type of breast tissue present.


After that, Dr. Misra will sit down with you & talk you through all the risks which is associated with your gynecomastia procedure, and he will ensure that you are completely comfortable before going ahead with the breast augmentation procedure.


Breast operation is performed either by giving sedatives & local anaesthetic or under the general anaesthetic conditions. Dr. Ashutosh Misra will anaesthetise you according to the type of tissue removal which he will be performing during the male breast surgery. Once you are anaesthetised, the doctor will mark the areas where he will put his first incisions.


If he finds, your condition is caused mainly by the excess fatty tissue or pseudo-gynecomastia, then liposuction surgery will probably be used. The liposuction procedure breaks down the fatty cells & sucks them out via hollow tube. There is a saline solution which is similar to body fluid and contains a tissue-reducing element that is introduced to the essential area under your skin. After around half an hour, this solution is isolated evenly within the breast tissues. The fat cells then become finally detached & can be removed.


Some small incisions are made at areola that allow the cannula to enter, and the fatty tissue is then sucked-out via this tube. After the process competition, the incision is stitched.


By following the liposuction surgery, any remaining hard tissue becomes more observable and depending on your look, the surgeon will remove this hard glandular tissue as well. Some small incisions are given at the edge of the areola or at the armpit, and the glandular tissue is then cut away by using a scalpel. Moreover, for severe gynecomastia, which is usually found in more mature persons or for those patients who have lost the excessive amount of weight, their excess skin can be removed to give them a smoother and more firm looking chest.


After the hard tissue is removed, a drain is put in place, which ensures that excess fluids and blood do not build-up in your body. Usually, the pressure garment should be worn for approx. 1-4 weeks and during this time as with any type of surgical procedure, the chest will remain tender. Some painkillers are also given to get relief from any discomfort. Gynecomastia surgery is usually one-day procedure and can take 1-3 hours which is depending on the patient’s condition.


You will be asked by the surgeon to return within a specified period for a regular follow up & to see how your breast surgery is healing. Dr. Misra will always provide you with a follow-up appointment to view your recovery progress and assess for any complications.

STEP 10:

Once the surgery is healed, the patient can go back to his normal routine without the stigma of enlarged male breasts or gynecomastia. Gynecomastia surgery will leave you looking good and feel great about yourself.

Usually, Gynecomastia surgery can be performed for providing promising results. There are various factors that influence Gynecomastia surgery cost. Dr. Ashutosh Misra offers best in class facilities & high-quality techniques that deliver unparalleled outcomes at affordable prices. You can also get all-inclusive and exclusive Gynecomastia Surgery packages. The surgery cost includes the fee for operation theatre, patient room, medical consumables, & the surgeon charges.

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